Online Trading Application

We take pride in our long-term, ongoing cooperation with clients. The company ATLANTIK, a renowned securities trader, enables its clients to trade on the stock exchange online. Lacking, however, was a tool offering all the applications necessary for trading but that clients enjoyed using and would return to. This presented an opportunity for our team, our creativity and our abilities. We rose to the task and created a unique system for online trading – eATLANTIK.

Online Trading Application
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What the project looks like

Project goal

To merge all existing systems (e.g. Market Monitor, eStatements and eInstructions), add new functionalities and create a new application that would not only enable ATLANTIK’s clients to trade online, but would also be pleasant for the user, intuitive and fast.

Description of the solution

In thinking about the project, we identified the central challenge: to create a completely new application without it being necessary to modify hundreds of thousands of lines of code from the original systems. The main reasons for this were an attempt to respect the project’s budget as well as a desire to focus our attention fully on designing the user interface. We thought through each window of the application down to the last detail, and devoted special attention to the functions that users use most frequently – such as entering a new instruction and tracking data from the exchange. In particular, we wanted new users to feel comfortable using the application, so we trimmed down the more complicated screens into the most frequently used functions, and hid complicated settings in a “For Experts” section. We replaced the complicated manual with a concise video tour. Our goal was to create the most pleasant application possible for trading. You can judge for yourself whether we succeeded.

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