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We’re a seasoned team and we like to explore uncharted territory. We were thinking about what new innovation we could bring to the Czech market – and by extension to our clients – and the mYx project was born. The mYx system tracks each individual mouse click on a given page and generates a so-called heatmap - a colour map overlay of the page which uses colour intensity to show the places with the greatest and least user interaction in the form of mouse clicks. We are preparing mYx in English too!

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What the project looks like

Project goal

The goal of mYx seems clear – a product that will earn money basically on its own, but – as is often the case – nothing is as simple as it seems at first glance. For us the real goal is to offer a quality product for everyone who is seriously interested in website visits and the online marketing that goes along with it. We know it’s not a breakthrough product and that it’s available abroad in several different versions, but we chose to focus on the user experience in order to make working with heatmaps enjoyable. Our system is very fast thanks to Flash technology, and we’re continuing to add new functionalities so that mYx will have something to offer in the future as well.

Description of the solution

mYx is actually Javascript code which is inserted into the source code of the pages being tracked by the client (like a Google Analytics tracking code). We then record all the mouse clicks made on these pages on our server (we can compare this e.g. to web hosting). The resulting heatmap overlay is acessible to anyone with login privileges with a simple keyboard shortcut while viewing a given page. You can try out a demo on the mYx site (English version coming soon).

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