Monsters & Protectors campaign

In 2008, internet users enthusiastically blasted sharks in the game AVG Shark Shooter. The game, which was played around the world in various language versions including e.g. Hungarian and Portugese, was created here in Vršovice, just like its 2010 successor, AVG Monsters vs. Protectors. The new game is related to the original, but has a different story and a different objectine.

AVG Monsters and Protectors campaign
Vytisknout stránku Doporučit stránku

What the project looks like

Project goal

The client wanted to create a game to appropriately complement a campaign promoting the AVG 2011 product on the web and in social networks. To a certain extent, the product functions on the principle of a community of users who share information about virus threats, and the game's purpose is to gently explain to users how the product works. The heroes of the campaign and of the game are four anti-virus guardians with superhuman abilities, as well as the virtual representatives of the user community sharing information.

Description of the solution

We originally thought that we would just give AVG Shark Shooter a new skin, but we quickly realised it wouldn't work because the original game was not technically suited to the new requirements. Thus, we started from scratch and cheerfully descended into a world – modeled after the new philosophy of AVG products – where people collaborate and protect each other. The player enters the story in the role of a protector of internet users, and over the course of the game can make use of certain AVG powers and become one of the four anti-virus super-guardians. The game allows an instructive advertisement to be inserted between levels, so players learn a bit about e.g. types of viruses. We're proud of the graphics and of the fact that we managed to program it so that it doesn't place high demands on a computer's performance. From start to finish, we were able to create the game in about a month, and we're planning to add additional levels in the future in cooperation with the client.

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