Hellmann's Inspire campaign

Cooking – endless entertainment for some, endless boredom for others. The Hellmann's brand has long made time spent in the kitchen more pleasant for gourmet fanatics as well as occasional chefs, and SiteOne has been helping out in this effort since 2007. Evidence of this is the Hellmann's Inspire online campaign, to which we added a new dimension in the spring of 2011.

Hellmann's Inspire campaign
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What the project looks like

Project goal

The assignment from Unilever, whose portfolio includes the Hellmann's brand, was based to a certain extent on the campaign motto: to inspire. In our case, this meant interactive tools for an online campaign that will run concurrently with a campaign in traditional media. The entire campaign is based on two simple recipes using Hellmann's mayonnaise and tartar sauce in a non-traditional way, and inspiring consumers to add the products of this famous brand to their shopping lists.

Description of the solution

Unilever is the type of client that comes with a clearly formulated assignment. Thus, our role in the Hellmann's Inspire campaign consisted mainly in a responsible creative approach to the client's ideas and in precision of execution. On 4 existing sites – www.skutecnachut.cz, www.skutocnachut.sk, www.hellmans.cz a www.hellmans.sk – we developed special interactive sections, created banners linking to the sections, and informed registered users of the skutecnachut sites about the new recipes in a newsletter. The basis of these interactive sections is a refined and modern 3D kitchen, the complete concept and implementation of which came right out of our heads and computers. Those interested in trying out the recipes for juicy chicken fillets or fine pork cutlets will purchase the ingredients and prepare these simple dishes, and they will also be able to share the recipe and their feelings about cooking via e-mail or Facebook. Those who don't want to play around in the kitchen can view video recipes on a Flash television or simply read the directions for preparation in a static "2D" version. The banners running on Czech and Slovak portals are based on the site designs with regard to graphics and implementation. We created traditional banners as well as video banners, which underscore the campaign's interactivity. Interactivity and 3D have become a mantra of Internet campaigns and – as demonstrated by the Hellmann's Inspire campaign among others – our mantra as well. They say that appetite grows with food, and we can only confirm this. We were licking our lips over the chicken fillets and pork cutlets, and we're all fired up for other interactive 3D projects.

Delivered services

Client reviews

SiteOne is the long-term administrator of Hellmann's web sites. In the campaign to use Hellmann's tartar sauce and mayonnaise in warm cuisine, SiteOne came up with interesting ideas for execution on the sites. The first pitfall of the campaign consisted in communicating the new revolutionary use of Hellmann's products; the second was the need to communicate only 2 recipes, and in a form that would be easy to remember and sufficiently attractive for the duration of the campaign. SiteOne came up with the idea of a "Virtual Kitchen", which suitably communicated our message and at the same time eliminated these pitfalls. Visitors thus learned about Hellmann's recipes in an interactive and entertaining manner.

Kateřina Torová
Junior Brand Manager Dressings CR/SR, UNILEVER

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