Hellmann's web presentation

In the fall of 2008 another lively interactive web presentation from SiteOne's workshop was launched, this time for UNILEVER. The company wanted to redo its web site for the Hellmann's brand, and selected our team for an interesting and functional site with many 3D elements. Cooperation on a range of subsequent projects is still ongoing.

Hellmann's web presentation
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What the project looks like

Project goal

The client wanted to create a completely new web presentation to present Hellmann's products in an attractive way. The goal of the presentation was to increase sales and to enhance the brand and brand loyalty among female consumers (the site was to target mainly women – housewives).

Description of the solution

From the beginning we were in agreement on the means by which the client's wishes would be fulfilled. The main currencies of a web presentation are an attractive design and interactivity. We created realistic 3D models of Hellmann's products that every visitor to the site could view and, if necessary, rotate to read the product's nutritional information or ingredients. All the 3D images were simplified so that they could also be browsed by users with slower computers, while at the same time keeping all labels and important information legible. Another of the site's interactive elements is a 3D gallery of recipes that can be browsed like a virtual cookbook. In the presentation we also used a very advanced connection with YouTube for browsing videos. The fact that despite its non-standard graphic elaboration the site is rendered perfectly in all current internet browsers is another big plus. Shortly after completion of the Czech version of the Hellmann's web presentation, its "sister-site" was launched in Slovakia.

Delivered services

Client reviews

SiteOne won our tender to create a new web site for the Hellmann's brand thanks mainly to a pro-active approach and great ideas. Our priority was to communicate all the activities of the Hellmann's brand in a clear and attractive manner. We appreciated SiteOne's great ideas, like the listing of recipes and 3D product models that allow the user to easily find nutritional information by herself. We're looking forward to further modifications to the site that we hope will also intrigue our customers.

Ing. Tereza Adámková
Brand Manager CE, UNILEVER

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