PennyTel webdesign

In 2010, SiteOne made a significant addition to its portfolio – its first purely foreign client. Australian telecommunications company PennyTel was referred to us by one of our Czech clients and presented us with our first opportunity to try out a project where all communication would take place online or by telephone. This time we had to combine our love for new technologies with a willingness to get up a little earlier, due to the eight-hour time difference, but the result is definitely worth it.

PennyTel webdesign
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What the project looks like

Project goal

After PennyTel's long and unsuccessful search in Australia and beyond for someone to provide a suitable design both visually and functionally, the main goal of the project was clear: to create a perfect design and to support it with a great administrative interface which would enable the client to react flexibly to market conditions and the demands of its customers. During the course of the project, cooperation between the two hemispheres was extended to the creation of HTML templates, and ultimately also to a complete web implementation. This wouldn't have been possible, however, if the client hadn't been persuaded by our previous results and hadn't opted for a site in PHP rather than the originally planned .NET.

Description of the solution

PennyTel came with well-elaborated wireframes, so we worked with what were basically finished texts and layouts, and could concentrate on refining the design to perfection. This was followed by the creation of the HTML template and our first major challenge: optimising the rendering of the site for all browser types – modern ones as well as veterans like Internet Explorer 7. When PennyTel decided to entrust the implementation of the entire site to us as well, it was necessary to thoroughly think through its functionality. PennyTel has its own portal, which it uses to administer customer accounts and services. Together, we integrated the portal with the new site using web services, and thanks to asynchronous calling of functions it is not always necessary to refresh the entire page. This gives the site a level of interactivity otherwise known only in desktop applications. PennyTel was so satisfied with our work that it asked us to create a design and HTML template for the customer portal as well. Successful cooperation at a distance of 16,000 km is ongoing, and a PennyTel reference will soon appear on our site in the Comprehensive Solutions section.

Finally a brief note: If the PennyTel site seems slow to you, you're right. The site is one of only a few of our projects that – for obvious reasons – is not hosted on our servers. Even in today's accelerated environment, we always have to wait a little while for data from the Australian servers get to us here in Europe.

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