The days when a teacher could get by in a class with a pointer and a piece of chalk are long gone. More and more schools are using smartboards, and for their teachers we've created a concise online staff room where they can search, download and share lesson plans in all subjects. An order from a new client, AV Media, gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents in the areas of web design and data systematisation. portal
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What the project looks like

Project goal

Based on experience with the original site, the client wished to improve the design quality and also enhance the site's clarity as well as the simplicity of the search function. The site is intended to assist internet-savvy teachers as well as those not yet completely comfortable with the World Wide Web.

Description of the solution

Based on the client's description of what the web site should do, we prepared a list of functions and got started on the design, and this was also why SiteOne won the tender to build the site. We continued with HTML templates and a designed a database into which we gradually converted a large amount of not-to-well-structured data from the original site. Based on a database created for our own web site, the database offers a clear search system that easily leads every user to the desired data.
Since is a portal that enables registered users to share information, it was necessary to take steps to prevent chaos from ensuing in the data. We therefore equipped the portal with a system of restrictions that don't disturb users but do maintain order in the data – these concern, for example, the registration of schools, definitions and names of school subjects, etc.
In view of the amount of information contained on the site and knowing that this would only increase in the future, we couldn't neglect the site administrators either. We created an attractive administration interface that is, to a certain extent, connected to the site itself – logged-in administrators are able to edit web pages directly without having to first enter the content management system and find the relevant article there.
We were glad to be able to contribute to the development of interactive education in schools, and we wish the teachers many pleasant hours with the smartboards.

Delivered services

Client reviews

In its cooperation with SiteOne, 2N values:

  • High level of design
  • Fulfilment of client's special requests
  • Reliability in fulfilling requests
  • Excellent level of communication in resolving problems
  • Fast and creative reaction in implementing the client's ideas
  • Added value in the form of good ideas

Tereza Špetová
Head of Marketing, AV MEDIA, a.s.

Veronika Biskupová
Consultant for Education, AV MEDIA, a.s.

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